Thursday, October 27, 2011

how do i build backlinks to my website or blog?

Aha, how do i build backlinks to my website or blog. That is a question that is asked by millions of people every day. Even i my self asked that same question but that was years ago. Before you even start to get backlinks to your site you need to know how to effectively build them to get the best results.Trust me i learned this the hard way, and you will save your self lots of time, especially if you are looking to rank well in the search engines. In order to effectively build links there are three things the links you get should consist of. The links you build should only be from sites that are related to yours. Your links should also come from sites that are of high quality or have a high page ranks. I would also recommend the site is high in traffic so you can also get traffic form the sites you link from.

So were can you get backlinks for

your Site?

This is another good question, well there are many ways to build links to your site. Today i will tell you of two simple easy ways to start building links to your site. They are easy and will help you get off to a good start.

The first strategy is  called blog commenting. This is when you leave comments on popular blogs in your field of marketing. If you are going to use this strategy make sure you leave good helpful comments for your comments have to be approved. when you comment on a blog be sure to put your web url in the box were it says "website". Once your comment is published you will have a backlink from that page. 

The next strategy is to submit your site to web directories. A web directory is a website that allows you to list your site in there directory for people to find. Web directories are high in traffic and have high page ranks. When you submit your site to a directory you will have to add a title, a descrition,  and pick the best category that your site would fit in. Some of those sites will let you submit your site to there directory for free, while others you have to pay a one time fee or exchange links with them.

bellow is a list of the top three free web directories

3 MasterMOZsubmit

There are Manny more out there but theses are there best on the web. If you are a blogger you should also submit your site to blog directories, they are the same as a web directory but they only list blogs.

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