Thursday, July 21, 2011

3 good website link building tips to build more links

link building is a very important part of building a successful website or blog. Building links to your website helps to increase your search engine rankings as well as bring you targeted traffic if used correctly. The key to link building is to build links that has two or more of the following:

1.A high page rank

2.Is relevant to your website

3.Is a website that ends in .edu or .gov

4.Or is a website with a lot of links to it

In this post i will tell you of 3 website link building tips that will greatly increase your rankings and will bring you targeted traffic as well.

1 Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a good way to get  backlinks and traffic from popular websites in your field. In order for this to work effectively you have to find blogs and news websites in your field that are high in traffic and will allow you to post on there site. They are not hard to find most popular blogs allow guest blogging.

2 Comment on blogs

This is very easy to do and very effective, the key here is to find blogs in your field and subscribe to there feed were you get an email every time a new post is created. You then check your mail every now and then and comment on the blogs. It is easy backlinks for you, just don't spam.

3 Exchange links with other blogs or websites

For this you will need to create a page for you blog or website where you will put the sites that you exchange links with. This is very popular and many people are doing this, if you can not find people to exchange links with there are link exchange services that can help. Or you can make a link wheel or buy backlinks but that can be expensive.

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