Thursday, July 21, 2011

Should you buy backlinks

Generating backlinks to your website or blog is a good part of seo (search engine optimization). They help you to rank higher on google and can even give you a decent flow of traffic.

So Should you Buy backlinks?

the answer is yes and no, let me explain

No because when you buy backlinks they are not targeted links. You will get tons of  links but your backlinks will be on websites that are not related to yours.Google ranks you website not only on the amount of  links you have but the quality of them. Just one quality backlink is better than 10 to 15 non quality ones.
Yes because the links you pay for are from high page rank websites. Even though your site will not receive targeted traffic from the links you pay for, your website will still move up in the rankings due to the high page ranks of the websites your site links from, but you will not move up that much.

Now imagine getting backlinks that are related to your website and it have high page ranks. Not only would your website or blog get targeted traffic from it, but that one link would be more effective than an buying 20 to 30 links. One method I use to get back links is article marketing, It allows me to get quality links from high page rank sites.

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